Village center 100m
Car Rental <4km
Boat rental <4km
bakery 100m
Ready meals 100m
Supermarket 100m
Bank 4km
Pharmacy 4km
hospital 4km

Aktion Airport Lefkada, Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
Distance: 22km
Time: 25 '

Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport
Distance: 380km
Time: 4 hours

Kariotes. The location.

The settlement of Kariotes is only 3,5km from the cosmopolitan capital of the island. A green-clad seaside village whose location is considered ideal for an easy  and fast access to the town and a chance to relax in a beautiful landscape.

From Kariates someone can visit all the beaches of the island. Kariotes because of their location is an ideal base of trips for visiting the sights and the beautiful places of Lefkada.

The settlement is on the Acropolis of the ancient town “Nirikos”, capital of the island.
Moreover, “Alikes” the first “Salt-pits of Alexander” which were made for the first time by the Francs in the 17thcenture are in Kariates. In 1988 the salt works stopped. Until then, they were working keeping the construction based on the Venetians’ plans.

On the beautiful place of Alikes visitors can promenade up and down the sea front which is 4kilometers long and which is also ideal for jogging.

Specific activities on the spot or to a distance less than 1,5km/1mile: fishing, promenade, jogging, cycling, swimming.

Activities, distractions and sports to a distance less than 10 km/6miles: swimming, hydra bikes, water skiing, sailing, kite surf, trails, coast pathways, hiking, mountain bikes(ride) ,trips on a boat, fishing.

Sights and relaxation on the spot or to a distance less than 3,5km/2miles: restaurants, bars/pubs, museums, international folklore festival-August, painting exhibitions, cinema